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How to find a job in Germany

If you plan to live in Germany or if you studied in Germany and want to stay, the biggest challenge is to find a job. If you studied at a university in Germany, this is the easiest way to enter the job market in Germany. But there are also other possibilities, for example if you studied or learned a profession in your home country that is very sought after here in Germany. Information about the work visa I give you in this article:

Before you plan to come to Germany, I strongly recommend you to find out about the visa conditions on the official government websites.

Today I will explain you step by step how to find and apply for a job you like. Because I think applying in Germany is different and a bit difficult without help.

I strongly recommend that if you start working in Germany, you should have at least A2 German. There are many companies that offer jobs in English but your chances are much higher if you know a little bit of German. Fluency in English for academic positions is unavoidable.

Where to look? If you don't know much German yet, I recommend the classic platforms like "Xing" and "Linkedin". Here in Germany we use more . I, for example, found some of my jobs here.

I also highly recommend the website which is especially for foreigners looking for a job in Germany.

If your German is already advanced, I highly recommend you to have a look at the job market at the "Arbeitsagentur". That is our job agency in Germany. To look for a job, you can use their app called "Jobbörse".

If you already know more or less where you want to live, you can search for companies in that region and check the job offers on their websites.

Now that the economy in Germany is a bit bad, but there are still jobs open, don't worry. According to one of the biggest statistic institutes here ( there were more than 600.000 job openings in Germany.

If you found an interesting offer and you want to apply, you will be asked for an "Anschreiben". This is like a letter of motivation, which in my experience is the most important thing for German employers. There are many countries like Mexico and the United States, where they don't ask you for a motivation letter or rather just two or three sentences describing yourself. On the contrary in Germany! In the article "The Motivation Letter" I show you step by step.

If you would like more help, please contact me for individual coaching.

Best of luck,


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