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IT experts: Work contract in Germany without professional qualifications?

Actualizado: 10 sept 2022

Attention computer specialists and experts! You are urgently needed in Germany. That is why you can apply for a visa WITHOUT a professional qualification if you have the relevant professional experience. It is easy and uncomplicated.

What do you need?

  • A concrete job offer in the IT sector in Germany.

  • You have at least three years of professional experience within the last seven years in the IT sector and have proof of this. Your work experience must be sufficiently qualified for the job you want to do.

  • German language skills at least at level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). BUT: If German is hardly spoken at your place of work - which can be the case in the IT sector, as many things are simply spoken in English - the language proficiency test can be dispensed with in some cases.

  • You can prove your theoretical knowledge by taking training courses and exams.

  • With your possible gross annual salary, you would earn at least 50,760 euros gross (in 2022), which at first glance seems a lot, but in reality is the average in the IT sector :)

You don't have a concrete job offer yet, but you have knowledge and work experience?

Then you can start looking immediately. There are many offers and as I said, don't worry about the language, many jobs are even in English.

I will be happy to help you find a job offer quickly. Write me a Whatsapp +4915150467529 and we will arrange a consultation.

Best of success and best regards from Stuttgart, Germany

As always, the information is without guarantee.Source of the information.

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