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Open bank account in Germany

If you want to rent a flat in Germany and receive a salary, you need a bank account. Otherwise it can get expensive in the long run.

But which bank is best for foreigners and what are the requirements for a bank account in Germany?

Requirements for a German bank account

- Valid passport

- residence permit

- Registration certificate (you can get this at the citizens' registration office)

- Wage statement (depending on account type/ for credit card)

Account types

Depending on the bank, different fees may apply. With online banking, transfer fees are usually low or zero. Account maintenance fees depend on the bank and are often linked to the amount of monthly incoming payments. With online-only banks like N26 and Comdirect, you pay nothing for your current account. At DKB for example, the account is free until the age of 28, after which at least 700 euros must be received for the current account to remain free.

With online banks, the account can be opened directly online and confirmed by means of an online legitimation procedure via Video-Ident.

Bank for travellers

N26 is available in over 23 countries in Europe and offers free cash withdrawals worldwide, easy management via app and travel insurance. You can pay worldwide with the Debit Mastercard. What offers security especially for travellers: Spaces. You can split your money into three free Spaces to manage your savings etc. When you pay, the money only comes out of your main Space.

If you are interested in an account with N26, you can support this blog and open an account with my link. (Advertising)

Bank for savers

If you are thinking of buying a property in Germany at some point and need a loan, the classic branch banks such as the Sparkasse and Postbank are more recommended. With a regular salary, a credit card can be acquired and a credit history built up.

All the information given is based on my own experience and has no guarantee.

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