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German CV

The resume is structured chronologically and starts with your last job. At the top is your application photo. It is important that your resume is complete, so that there are no periods of time when nothing is written. Since elementary school you have to fill out everything. However, the resume should not exceed 2 pages.

But how do I do it if I have attended three schools, two universities and have already done 10 internships?

Basically, you have to summarize as much as possible. The CV is a document that must be tailored to EVERY application. If you did an internship in a restaurant during your studies, but you applied for the engineering position, there is no point in listing these internships again. It just does:

2003 - 2009: University .../ Masters of Science.

But if you are applying for a job for which an internship you have done is relevant, then it makes sense to state that as well.

If you initially worked after your studies, it's worth taking a closer look at whether one of your odd jobs is relevant. For example, if you worked in various bars, as a tutor, as a cab driver, etc., you can summarize it like this:

March 2009 - February 2010: Temporary jobs (bartending, tutoring in Spanish).

What do you do when you have been unemployed for a while?

The Germans have invented a nice word for this period: "orientation phase".

It's nothing to be ashamed of if you've been out of work for a few weeks. But if you have been unemployed for a year, for example, you should think carefully about what you will answer if you have any questions. Have you been unable to find work, or perhaps you were unavailable due to family reasons? Perhaps you have simply traveled for a year?

If you have traveled, please indicate. It always works well when someone is open to new cultures and travel. Most importantly, you tell lies about your times without employment.

At the end of your resume you should summarize your qualifications such as Word/Excel, driving license, languages etc.

At the end of the page of your CV you will find the current date and your signature.

And that's it! If you need help with your German CV, please send me an email to!

Best regards


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