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I know so many highly qualified people who would like to work in Germany. It's almost never because of the applicant's qualifications but because of the packaging, as I like to say. That's because the application procedures in Germany and the corporate culture in German companies are simply different. If you know how to do it, you'll get the job!

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Learn German

To obtain a work or to study in german it is recomendable to have at least a B1 Level of german language. With online classes and a native teacher you learn german at Viva Alemania in an interactive learning platform.

Free Coaching for unemployed

In colaboration with "Rhetorican" we can offer a free coaching for unemployed people financed 100% by the german government. If you are living in Germany and are registrated at Jobcenter or Arbeitsagentur we support you in applying for the free coaching voucher which allows you to work with a personal job trainer.

Online Job-Courses

Learn the most important tools to apply with success in Germany in online courses, which you can download and study from everywhere you want.

Coaching for students and professionals

You want to study in Germany or you want to bring your carreer to he next level? At Viva Alemania we support you to achieve your goal step by step.


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Carlos Alberto Cureño Alamillo

Ich hatte das Glück das mir Jasmin empfohlen wurde. Jasmin hat mir in verschiedenen Aspekten geholfen, ich habe mit ihr mehrmals über ein Jobwechsel gesprochen und zusammen haben wir für ein passendes Jobangebot gesucht. Als wir uns verschiedene Optionen angeschaut haben, haben wir die richtige Position für mich gefunden. Sie hat mich bis zur Übernahme begleitet und jetzt bin ich sehr zufrieden mit dem Job den ich bekommen habe. Danke Jasmin


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